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Denon, Marantz, The Farm, Your Heart

The Farm is happy to announce that we are representing the Denon and Marantz Professional brands from InMusic!

Denon delivers premium products for the recording, playback and management of multimedia signals for installers and system integrators around the world. Product categories include rack mountable CD/Media players, audio mixers, CD and solid-state recorders, AM/FM/Internet tuners, portable PA solutions, and multi-purpose lecterns. In essence, source and recording hardware for the rack that NEEDS to be there. From one of the most trusted names in audio.

Marantz Professional is a known leader in in capture and recording products in the studio, podcast, broadcast and wireless environments. Recently they have added a number of innovative products for field recording and audio/video streaming environments.

Denon and Marantz provide audio and video solutions that are utilized in all kinds of applications daily. If you are using a different brand that is less than the best, let us come and provide a demo. Or we will just put a piece in a rack with lots of other Farm equipment and you’ll be forced to use it! It will be great!


Must See TV from QSC

QSC is throwing down the gauntlet … LIVE! 

In 60 MINUTES, we’ll show you just how easy it can be to add full room control with little programming knowledge. All by utilizing Q-SYS Control!

  • Setup control for lighting, TV, video switches, DVD player, PTZ cameras, and touch screens
  • Utilize simple Q-SYS visual coding tools, plugins, and native control components
  • Quickly generate a user control interface that is as simple to use as it was to create!You have to see it to believe it! REGISTER TODAY!


Farm Fun Fact #555

John Hood feeds his chickens omelettes, yet he hasn't missed payroll in 15 years. There is no mention of that genius in a single high school textbook!


Under The Hood

An editorial from our Fearless Leader

Time to Think INSIDE THE BOX

In June of last year, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that larger mail-order sellers need to collect sales tax when shipping into states that require it.

This has been a highly contested battle for 30 years. The thought was that having one state tax another state's occupants was clearly in opposition to our country's founding principals regarding taxation without representation. 

The other arguments were all about general "tax increases", things like "internet tax" and all kinds of other stuff about slowing progress of technology. Lobbyists on both sides have been battling for years. Many bills came before congress...and all were promptly defeated as nobody wanted to vote for a "tax increase" on anything.

One side yelled "UNFAIR!". The other side yelled "Don't Tax the Internet!". And the can was kicked down the road until now.

First, it was Main Street in small town USA that saw retail disappear... maybe it was the big retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot that gobbled up that business. Maybe it was the internet. The jury was out, and society at large just chalked it up to the evolution of the marketplace. Then the malls started failing. Toys R Us, Radio Shack...the list of anchor tenants that were failing grew and grew. 

 Was this the internet now? Or just people's shopping habits shifting? Our government didn't want to mess with the "free market" and continued to kick the can down the road.

Then over the last handful of years, business thought-leaders realized that their management talent pools had dwindled. It seems that most folks in personnel management positions found their first experiences in managing people at retail stores. And that giant national training ground had packed up and disappeared. 

So now that the cows have run out of the retail barn, the Supreme Court has decided to step in and try to raise the titanic...but society at large likes buying things with their mouse or their phone now....

So in our little slice of commerce, what does this mean now? Build a big store and people will come running because the internet doesn't have a big price advantage? Maybe. That eight percent in California and 9 percent in Washington advantage was not a trivial number.... but most consumer habits are slow to change.

But for INSTITUTIONAL BUYERS, this is a big deal. It has only been in the last handful of years that School Districts, Colleges, Medium business started shifting their purchasing vehicles towards out of state sellers. The larger box-houses in our industry were busy fighting for the pro-sumer dollar, and they, for the most part, ignored the bigger "bid" or "purchase order" style business...until just a short time ago. Many local integrators, rental houses, contractors, have turned their back on "box business' dues to shrinking margins and increasing competition from out of state sellers.....and TAX was a primary driver of that.

Yes, it is crazy that government agencies FINANCED by sales tax avoided paying sales tax whenever they could. But they did. Over and over. But now, this all changes. Purchase decisions based on the "bottom line" only can now be won local people...that put the money back in the local economy. It is time to get BACK IN THE BOX and let your customers know that you CAN compete. Right here in our own home-town. You can compete, right here. Right now. Today. On a display, a microphone, an audio mixer. You are all back in the game...and please do not underestimate your buying power. Each of you is an important piece in your suppliers' go-to-market strategy. You are the reason they have a market. Do not make assumptions about wholesale pricing. Ask your rep, your sales manager. You can compete, win, and add a lot to your bottom and top lines. 

Effective April 1st. It is time to think INSIDE THE BOX. Get back in the box. It is nice in there....all cozy and full of gear!.


Barco Loves You SO Much!

Attention! If you sell Barco stuff, you’ll get money. Yeah, I know. Money is awesome! I love it too.

So, how do you get all the money? First, understand how the money grab works. Log in to your account at and look at the Barco promotions/spiffs currently available. Then sell Barco stuff and get the money! Do it now!


Farm Fun Fact #300

David Lawrence was disqualified from an episode of Beat Bobby Flay after claiming a box of Totino's Pizza Rolls was put there by Giada De Laurentiis